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Santos De Cartier Diamond Watches Blue Dial and Gold 1:1 Best Edition AMG Factory Swarovski Stone

Santos De Cartier Diamond Watches Blue Dial and Gold 1:1 Best Edition AMG Factory Swarovski Stone

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AMG proudly presents the ONE Factory Cartier Full Diamond Santos. This version is set with stylish Swarovski stones set with diamonds. You can optionally attach moissanite or natural diamonds for more perfection. Of course the price will be high and very high. Please inbox us via Whatsapp: +84919860459 for the best support.

AMG's latest breakthrough brings you the perfect replica of the Swarovski stone-studded Cartier. Luxurious to the extreme, each Swarovski stone sparkles brilliantly, making you shine the brightest tonight.

Prepare to be dazzled by the Cartier Santos Full Swarovski Stone Special Edition! Using cutting-edge high-tech inlay technology, the entire watch is meticulously hand-set with 4555 Swarovski stones, shining from every angle without any dead spots. This is the most stone-studded watch to date. The bracelet employs a seamless inlay technique, making the entire watch look stunning. Countless attempts were made to achieve the seamless inlay effect while maintaining the thickness of the original bracelet and ensuring perfect inlay results.

Made of imported 904 stainless steel, sized at 40mm, and equipped with the exclusive ultra-thin and stable 9015 movement, ensuring precise timekeeping!

Swiss-crafted steel hands with blue glass for increased transparency, anti-glare, and anti-fingerprint coating.

Equipped with Cartier's latest practical inventions, the "SmartLink" bracelet quick-release adjustment device and the "QuickSwitch" bracelet quick-change device, making bracelet replacement a breeze and ensuring a comfortable fit. Letting you dismantle the bracelet by hand. All parts (steel blue hands, silver-plated dial, sapphire, blue glass), all specifications can be exchanged with the original factory. The luxury cannot be fully described; it's more about dignity and brilliance, absolutely glamorous. AMG's meticulous craftsmanship welcomes your appreciation!

Dimensions: 40×47.5×9.5mm
Dial: Blue radiating dial
Bezel: 316L stainless steel/PVD plated with 18K rose gold and set with Swarovski stones
Case: 316L stainless steel set with Swarovski stones
Hands: Swiss-crafted steel, blue
Glass: Sapphire mirror
Bracelet: Bracelet set with Swarovski stones, equipped with ergonomic SmartLink dismantling system
Crown: Multi-faceted pointed sapphire blue
Movement: MIYOTA-9015 automatic mechanical movement (9015 Miyota Premium Movement from Japan.


If you have any questions please contact us below:

Wechat/ Whatsapp: +84 919 860 459

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