What are the differences between the Rolex Daytona 4131 movement and the 4130 movement?

What are the differences between the Rolex Daytona 4131 movement and the 4130 movement?

1: Hour markers become thinner The dial design of the new generation Daytona is more slender. Compared to the previous generation, it's obvious that the hour markers on the previous 116500LN have become thicker, but in the new 126500LN, the hour markers are almost halved in width, becoming thinner!

2: Chronograph subdials are more elegant The three subdials of the previous 116500LN are relatively thick, making a strong visual impact. However, the lines of the three subdials on the new 126500LN have become thinner, resembling the numerals above.

3: Addition of the crown logo at 6 o'clock position In recent years, new Rolex watches have included the crown logo at the 6 o'clock position, and the update of the new Daytona is inevitably following suit, positioned between the "SWISS MADE" text at 6 o'clock. The crown logo is basically a visible difference, albeit small. Therefore, besides the dial design, the crown is also used as a marker to distinguish the new generation of Rolex watches!

4: Ceramic bezel with added metal ring The ceramic bezel of the new Daytona feels smaller, mainly because a metal ring has been added to the periphery, which is believed to protect the ceramic bezel and correspond with the thinner three chronograph subdials.

5: Different case designs From the front view, there's not much difference in the case of the two generations of Daytonas, but from the side, the lugs of the new Daytona have a stronger curved effect, appearing thicker, and there's a change in how the bracelet connects to the lugs.

6: Movement Upgrade This Daytona model is equipped with the newly developed 4131 automatic winding movement, which incorporates ball bearings to increase the efficiency of automatic winding. Additionally, compared to the previous 4130 movement, it has been upgraded with Rolex's 3235 Chronergy escapement system and Paraflex shock absorbers! The decoration on the bridges mainly adopts a new Geneva stripe pattern, while the old 4130 movement uses a radial pattern. Apart from this, the other configurations are the same as the 4130 movement, indicating minor tweaks and adjustments!

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