True vs Fake Comparison: Clean Factory Daytona 126500 "Panda" with 4131 Movement Compared to Genuine

True vs Fake Comparison: Clean Factory Daytona 126500 "Panda" with 4131 Movement Compared to Genuine

Hello everyone, I'm Donald Nguyen, passionate about spreading watch knowledge, comparing genuine and fake, dismantling evaluations, and serving as your guide on the journey of watch appreciation, helping you navigate without getting lost. Today, I will compare Clean Factory's latest 4131 movement Daytona 126500 "Panda" with the genuine one. This time, Clean Factory's official website has released the latest model of Rolex Daytona: m126500LN-0001, the new "Panda" model. According to the information released by Rolex, this new Daytona is the same model as the one most watch enthusiasts have been anticipating from Clean Factory. After the update, there are differences between the new and old models, and these differences, along with the external appearance, leave a deeper impression on replica watches.

Speaking of the changes between the genuine new "Panda" and the old model m116500LN-0001, besides the updates and changes in appearance and internal dial, the change in movement is crucial. According to the information released by genuine Rolex, it highlights the importance of the old 4130 movement. Compared to all the new Daytona models in the m1265 series, the stability of the 4130 movement is irreplaceable, indicating that using the 4130 movement as the basis and upgrading it to the 4131 movement is a wise choice.

This fully illustrates that the 4130 movement will not undergo major changes on the original basis. Adding new pallet forks, balance wheels, shock absorbers, and escapement systems on the original basis has formed the highly anticipated 4131 movement today. This time, the Clean Factory m126500 "Panda" also uses the 4131 movement, but it is the Shanghai 4131 movement. Many may question the stability or repair rate of Shanghai movements, but this Shanghai 4131 movement is completely independently developed and replicated by Clean Factory.

Choosing the SH4131 movement involves complex relationships, but I hope everyone can understand that SH does not mean low-end quality. Likewise, Clean Factory will never lower procurement costs in pursuit of higher profits. Clean Factory told me that the procurement cost of the SH4131 movement is not lower than that of the Dandong 4130 movement.

Next, let's briefly understand the comparison between Clean Factory's new "Panda" and the genuine model. Firstly, there have been no changes in size; Clean Factory also purchases genuine products for molding. They are very strict regarding details and size proportions. With a diameter of 40mm, comparing the two watches side by side reveals no defects. The case back is designed with a solid back, and the polishing and finishing of the entire case still adhere to the industry's top standards.

Looking at the dial part, the genuine white color has a slightly warm white tone in the center, while the edges show a hint of cool white. The overall effect appears to be a combination of colors between warm and cool tones. With Clean Factory's new "Panda," after studying the dial of the genuine model through molding and multiple tests, they have focused on creating a replica with a simulation degree close to 99% of the original dial, essentially achieving a state of no color difference. In an exaggerated sense, it can be said to be a substitute-level dial.

In addition to changes in the scale markers, the three subdials of the new Daytona have also undergone noticeable changes. The design has shifted from large circles in the old model to delicate small circles. Clean Factory's m126500 "Panda" faithfully reproduces this design change, achieving a 100% restoration of the genuine model. The dial part has a total of 6 hands, and the three main hands are the most susceptible to flaws in replication. From the 4 central axles, it can be understood that the hollowed-out raised shape conforms to the specifications of the genuine model, making this part a faithful reproduction.

The longest chronograph hand, with its flat round design at the end, is another aspect where Clean Factory's Daytona compares closely with the genuine product, reaching a certain standard with no discernible differences. All chronograph functions are restored, maintaining the original 72-hour power reserve of the genuine product.

The comparison of the printed black lettering vividly illustrates the shortcomings and lack of fidelity in inferior versions. In Clean Factory's new Daytona, the printed letters demonstrate a consistent and coherent appearance, with each curvature appearing uniform. The spacing between the letters, as well as their curvature, adheres to the standard, as evident in the "ROLEX" lettering, without any errors. Additionally, the red "DAYTONA" lettering matches the genuine version in color, and the semi-circular design is also accurately replicated.

The other parts, such as the indices and the luminous material, are also well-done. / PS: As mentioned earlier, the genuine 4131 movement features cylindrical-shaped hands' posts. However, upon examining the four genuine pieces provided by Clean Factory, we noticed a few issues. For example, there are discrepancies in the roundness of the indices' pins, and some hands still have the conical-shaped posts found in the older models. This suggests that Rolex might be clearing out their stock of 4130 movements.

The scale markers on the new Daytona have become thinner. Comparing the images with the genuine product, we can see that Clean Factory's replicated markers have undergone rounded edge polishing, resulting in a delicate and refined appearance with distinct cut surfaces. The downward curvature is crafted with remarkable precision, displaying impeccable craftsmanship. At 12 o'clock, the crown emblem remains polished to perfection, retaining its three-dimensional quality and curvature without any flaws or errors. The scale markers at other positions are also meticulously crafted to top-tier standards, closely resembling the original version.

The curvature shape of the ceramic bezel and the lettering of the markers correspond precisely to those of the genuine product. The classic design of the bezel, serving as a tachymeter scale, exhibits consistent spacing and lettering with no discernible issues. The standard-issue sapphire crystal with high transparency fits seamlessly with the bezel, displaying no signs of white edges and meeting the standards of the genuine product. This detail, with the crystal slightly protruding above the bezel, is both necessary and meticulously attended to.

There are also comparison images of the case and bracelet, and the overall appearance shows minimal differences.

I carefully examined both genuine and fake items and conducted a comparison through photography. Personally, I feel it's a very successful creation. The comparisons above are all regarding the accuracy of Clean Factory's new "Panda" replica, achieving a 98% fidelity compared to the genuine product, making it the highest-level replica in the m126500 series. Well, that concludes this edition of replica evaluations. Thank you all for your support and trust. I hope  articles can be helpful to you. If you're interested, please continue to follow our Website. We'll be updating with more detailed breakdowns, real-life evaluations, and comparisons between genuine and fake. If you're rational enough and not inclined to flowery language, feel free to further consult Whatsapp: +84919 860 459. Email:

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