The comparison between genuine and EW Factory K Gold

The comparison between genuine and EW Factory K Gold

The case is paired with a triangular pit pattern outer ring, and the sides of the case and lugs refract a subtle luster, enhancing the contours of the 41mm case and adding charm. Equipped with the Shanghai 3235 integrated movement.

The comparison between genuine and EW K Gold, with genuine on the left and EW on the right.

The bezel and crown are crafted with 18K gold plating, with each detail meticulously polished, showcasing an everlasting quality! Every part of the watch complements each other, demonstrating outstanding quality.

All details highly replicate the genuine Rolex brand logos. The use of font libraries and the molding process are the same as the genuine product, using spherical oil press printing technology. The texture and font style are all highly replicated. Even the way the entire watch is filmed is the same. Genuine EW No need to worry about counterfeit products anymore. Consistent with the genuine product, the solid core is in the same axis.

The overall dimensions of the EW watch are basically consistent with the genuine product, with a diameter of 41mm and a thickness of 11.8mm.

The bracelet and crown are both crafted using 18K gold plating, ensuring they never fade! The gleaming metallic luster of the watch radiates quality, presenting a perfect combination of fashion and elegance.

The transparency and font style of the calendar, when magnified, show that the calendar font is almost identical. The overall effect is not just the modification of the calendar font; the final effect is a combination of factors such as the distance from the calendar glass, the thickness of the dial, the thickness of the glass, the height + curvature of the magnifying lens, and the transparency of the glass.

Each link of the bracelet on the EW watch is crafted using 18K gold plating, allowing for easy replacement on genuine Rolex watches while maintaining the same quality and feel. Truly a perfect replica.

Utilizing the same structure as the original Rolex Datejust, the locking details on the case back are completely replicated to match the genuine Rolex Datejust. It looks exactly like the authentic Rolex Datejust and is fully compatible with genuine parts.

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