Richard Mille RM12-01 NTPT Tourbillon: Extraordinary Sporty Hollow Streamlined Timepiece

Richard Mille RM12-01 NTPT Tourbillon: Extraordinary Sporty Hollow Streamlined Timepiece

ichard Mille introduces the RM12-01 NTPT Tourbillon, a remarkable fusion of sportiness and sophistication. This extraordinary timepiece represents the pinnacle of watchmaking innovation and architectural design.

In a homage to the legendary RM012 movement, Richard Mille has meticulously integrated material innovation with watchmaking craftsmanship. The RM12-01 Tourbillon features an exclusive RM12-01 Tourbillon movement and is available in a range of limited editions, exclusively at Richard Mille boutiques in the Americas.

Crafted following the tripartite principle, the case structure of the new RM12-01 Tourbillon seamlessly combines all components, showcasing a harmonious blend of form and function. Drawing inspiration from architectural design, the movement's lines boast a tubular inclined structure, ensuring optimal stiffness, torsional rigidity, and exceptional heat and corrosion resistance.

The functionality of the base plate is uniquely integrated with the movement and bridge functions, resulting in a technically coherent and visually striking ensemble. The meticulous finishing of the movement, including polishing, satin finishing, circular graining, and high polish, is proudly displayed.

Inspired by race car chassis, the monobloc base plate enhances stiffness and impact resistance, ensuring durability and reliability. Noteworthy are the sharply streamlined curves of the openworked bridges, extending to the end of the manually wound movement.

Available in limited editions, the RM12-01 Tourbillon comes in a case measuring approximately 51x42x15mm, offered in black carbon TPT, red quartz TPT, and white quartz TPT.

Experience the extraordinary with the Richard Mille RM12-01 NTPT Tourbillon - a true masterpiece of horological engineering and design.

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