Is the BT Factory Rolex Daytona V2 Cement Grey worth buying?

Is the BT Factory Rolex Daytona V2 Cement Grey worth buying?

Home, guiding you through your watch journey without getting lost. Let's talk about the newly launched Rolex Daytona V2 version m116509-0072 by BT Factory. It's called the Platinum Cement Grey, characterized by its grey dial color, similar to the m116519 Cement Grey with a rubber strap style.

The high aesthetic value of the appearance, coupled with the iconic multifunctional chronograph feature, gives this watch a very high recognition factor. With a case size of 40mm, the original genuine version is crafted from 18K white gold, while the high-quality replica version uses 904L stainless steel with PVD coating to achieve a platinum color. The difference between 18K white gold and PVD-coated white gold is difficult to discern visually. However, upon closer inspection, the shine of the PVD coating may not be as pronounced as that of genuine white gold, which tends to have a more sparkling appearance.

For those seeking the utmost perfection, reference can be made to cases of modified replica watches. By upgrading to a gold-plated modification, the appearance of the watch's color can be enhanced. Gold-plating involves applying a layer of white gold material to the outer surface of the watch, creating an effect of steel on the inside and gold on the outside. This not only helps prevent counterfeit replicas but also ensures that the feel and shine are flawless, comparable to the original genuine product.

BT Factory has introduced a new challenge compared to the watches produced by the Clean Factory. While both factories have generally perfect details and craftsmanship, some components are of the same substitute level. Let's briefly look into the specific details.

1: The high-transparency sapphire crystal glass is a component commonly used by major factories in the current high-quality replica watch market. It offers resistance to scratches and abrasions, with the thickness of the glass determining its importance in watchmaking.

2: The AR Factory bracelet is another component commonly used by most factories in the market. Manufactured by the AR factory, it is used in popular models such as the Daytona, Submariner, GMT, and Datejust.

3: The Buff substitute hands, previously requiring paid upgrades for V1 models, are now standard features in both C and BT Factory Daytona watches. These hands are made of solid material with a raised central axis structure, synchronizing with the original version to the highest standards.

4: The Dandong 4130 movement, inherited from the remaining stock after the closure of the N factory, is currently the most stable movement with accurate timing functions. It perfectly replicates the chronograph function with a clockwise adjustment.

As for whether this BT Factory Cement Grey dial watch achieves a state of perfection, that is subjective. While the Clean Factory may be more thorough in their replication, both BT Factory and Clean Factory cater to different preferences. Whether one prefers BT Factory or Clean Factory watches depends on individual tastes and preferences, and both can be compared based on specific models before making a choice. We hope this information helps you in your decision-making process.

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