Introducing the APS New Model 15450st

Introducing the APS New Model 15450st

The 15450st comes with a standard 37mm case diameter, making it a perfect fit for those with smaller wrists compared to the 41mm size of the 15400. It's not only a blessing for those with smaller wrists but can also be paired as a couple's watch with the 15400 for a coordinated style.

1️⃣ Case: Utilizing original 3D modeling data, the case proportions are perfectly aligned with the original, allowing for interchangeability of all components. The straight brushed effect on the case and bracelet creates a vibrant display under sunlight.

2️⃣ Bracelet: The most intuitive wearing experience of a watch is its bracelet. APS spared no expense in the polishing of the bracelet, investing significantly in beveling and end link design to enhance the wearing experience dramatically.

3️⃣ Movement: Featuring an integrated cal.3120 movement, seamlessly interchangeable with the original movement, the transparent case back beautifully showcases the movement. After the refinement from the 15400st, the 3120 movement demonstrates improved stability and durability, coupled with rigorous quality control resulting in an exceptionally low return rate.

The APS 15450st with its 37mm diameter exudes refinement and durability. After over a year of meticulous craftsmanship, APS proudly presents this masterpiece. Welcome all enthusiasts to experience it firsthand!

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