Real vs Fake: Clean Factory Rolex Explorer 1st Generation M124270 with 3230 Movement 36mm

Real vs Fake: Clean Factory Rolex Explorer 1st Generation M124270 with 3230 Movement 36mm

You never get lost when playing watches. Clean Factory has just released the latest version of the Rolex Explorer 1st Generation series. It is worth noting that although this watch does not have the allure of the Submariner or Daytona series that can be used for price speculation and profit-making in the secondary market, it is in a state of complete neglect, with no one asking to buy it. The Oyster Perpetual and Air-King watches, along with the Explorer first generation, are called the "Three Treasures of Losers," meaning Rolex's entry-level models that can be bought for tens of thousands of dollars. Meanwhile, the price of replica watches, for example, the top-level version, is only about 5% of the price of the genuine product. In fact, in terms of external quality and internal detail handling, Clean Factory has done an excellent job. So in this article about the launch of the C factory Explorer, we also specifically conducted a comparison with the genuine product to see if it achieves a certain level of simulation and whether purchasing this product is worthwhile, something that most watch enthusiasts want to know.

What we see is that the entire watch looks relatively simple, belonging to formal wear. The dial design does not have many complicated functions; it is just for normal timekeeping purposes. At the 6 o'clock position, there is a small crown below the hour marker, indicating the latest 32 series with the 3230 movement. Similarly, the C factory Explorer 1st Generation also uses the 3230 movement, with only two adjustment functions, but the movement is in a very stable state. Through the movement aspect, we can understand that Rolex from Clean Factory has synchronized this Explorer to a replica level. The entire black dial, when compared to the original genuine product, shows no color difference at all. Generally, there is no major issue when purchasing replica watches. The position of the 6 o'clock marker is correct, and the Rolex font on the dial is consistent. The overall curvature is also satisfactory.

refers to the feeling that all the hour markers are synchronized with the original version.

Feel the matte texture without any flaws.

The repetition of "Cleaner" in the phrase seems to be a typo or error. Assuming you meant "Clean" instead, here's the corrected sentence:

"If you don't want to waste time on replication, it's entirely possible to use substitute hands. However, it can be relatively costly in terms of expense, so C Factory also independently develops its own hands."

In terms of the oil-based printed characters, as seen in the comparison image, the printed characters of the C Factory Explorer tend to be more milky white in color, indicating a newer appearance, while the characters on genuine products show a slight oxidation process, creating a distinction between new and aged watches.

The contact sapphire crystal is utilized. Currently, high-quality Rolex replicas all use sapphire crystals, which are not particularly expensive and are standard on the homepage

And that's pretty much all the details on the dial of the entire watch. It's also a watch with few flaws in the dress watch category. So, there isn't much comparability or significant differences in the dial part compared to others. Conversely, although it may seem simple, it's not easy to get just a little detail right. Doing it well is top-notch; failing to do so indicates a lack of ability.

The shape and curvature of the case made by Cleaning factory are presented quite perfectly. A slight misstep might directly affect the thickness of the entire watch, making it inconsistent with the original version, but they manage it very well, ensuring a consistent effect. The mouth of the home is also exactly the same, and there is no problem with the texture

The Cleaner line can completely use AR factory straps without any issues. The logo on the Submariner clasp is the same, with clear internal engraving fonts. Compared to the original, I feel like the clasp on the replica is done even better

And that's about it for the comparison review. Personally, given the current market situation, you might not choose the Explorer from C factory. Cleaning C Factory's Explorer I compared to the original is almost 97% accurate.

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